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    Business Travel &Family Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates &Travel Places   2010/09/17

    BEWARE: PickPocket – the old tricks still work

    Rome was always known to be the city of pickpocketing – with signs and adverts warning tourists; the number one cause of turnining your amazing spiritual vacation in Rome to hell in Italy.

    now days the pleg is spreading all over Europe; could it be the summer vacation that causes it or is it the economic status, or maybe the fact that the old tricks still work well… so why work hard for cash when you can fool the tourists.

    The new jocks are; The Rome Empire has turned to be Europe Empire

    Europe Empire of Pickpockets

    Barcelona is number one, followed by Rome, Paris, Madrid, Athens, Prague, Costa Brava, Lisbon, Tenerife and London (in this order)

    I warn you guys, keep your things tight on you or at the hotel. And, a small note; NOT in your car… for those of you who called me lately about your stolen iPad – your rented car is a big billboard for tourist thieves.

    The old fashion way

    Business Travel &Online booking sites &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2009/10/25

    Replacing Travel Agents? Nops; just duplicating them…

    I have met a cool start up with a very nice application which will duplicate travel agents and will learn their behaviour.  My first question was; are you looking to replace the agents? their answer was no no no, we are looking to empower them by giving them the ability to work 24/7 using their know how and by that allowing them to duplicate / multiply their workforce and work load.

    In simple words, this is how Eva works using NLP – Natural Language Processing.

    The clients will send simple text email;

    “Dear Reem, i would like to fly with my wife; Shelley next Monday from NYC to LON and back after 3 days, i would need a hotel 4 starts in the city centre with 1 double bed, gym and parking as we need a car rental mid size automatic”.

    Eva knows how to read this text and actually turn it into a booking !!! 

    I have seen it, it rocks – so far in closed Beta mode as they seek funds – Good luck, its not easy these days, but i see great potential in such system.

    Airlines &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2009/10/25

    Just a quick reminder- Continental miles are on Star Allience !

    Thats great news, i would even say the greatest news of the month, it finally happened and now you can gain and spend miles of Conti on Star Allience group, airliens such as Lufti, United, Austrian, Swiss, SAS, Thai, and more.


    Have fun


    Airlines &Business Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates &Travel Places   2009/05/02

    There is still a way to fly Business class for low fare

    I recently flew Royal Jordanian, yes yes, I flew coach for all of you who really wanted to know…

    But at the airport I found a simple and relatively cheap way to up grade myself to business class; $300 upgrade for an 8 hours flight is a low price.

    So i found myself sitting in an amazing Royal Jordanian business / first class sleeping bed all the way from Amman to Colombo (Sri Lanka) – and it was worth every penny.

    Moreover, since in Muslim countries the ladies (married and single as far as I know) can not serve men, the air stewardess where Asians, which gave me a feeling as though I am flying in Singapore Airlines or Thai.

    If anyone wants to upgrade to business, come buy the tickets from my office and i will tell you the secret :)

    Flying cheap and in class is always fun… travel right means having a good travel agent who knows the small tricks.

    Reem in RJ Business First

    Business First in RJ.com

    Airlines &Business Travel &Family Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2009/01/15

    What wouldn’t Airlines do for more traffic?

    Airlines have realized that travel agents are their best point of sale; reliable, knowledgeable, most of all; loyal.

    In the current situation when economy has an enormous impact on air travel, I noticed that airlines are courting after travel agents; those same airlines who betrayed the agents point of sale and diminished their commission completely are now crawling door to door trying to promote their products.

    I walked into my office this morning, finding a funny looking man and woman; dressed up in an old European fashion outfits, singing and dancing as if they are in the Moulin Rouge.

    I felt sorry for them; they probably didn’t sign up for this job when they started working for the airline – but I guess in rough times its better become a pompom girl serving chocolates than open the newspaper and look for a new job.

    Will American Airlines come as cheer leaders?   “Ouch”;  What will Lufthansa wear?

    I hope tomorrow morning I’ll come in and the Lido girls will be acting as Air France staff…

    Knowing the Air France staff; I hope they will NOTcome topless…

    Airline Visit Travel AgentsThe Airline PomPom Team

    Family Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2008/11/25

    Is it the size that matters?

    Touch Down” for Royal Caribbean; they launched the largest cruise ship in the world; Oasis Of The Seas. The ship will actually board the first passenger in Dec 2009, though the vessel is in the water already.

    It’s not really the best time to try and fill up 6296 passengers.

    Can Royal Caribbean be optimistic having built a 1 billion Pounds floating city?

    I hope projections are to be met; 1.5 million passengers are expected to take a cruise in 2009.

    So; is it only the size?

    Nops, for the first time they are trying to reduce the fake and improve the reality alike style;

    Real life park; where the growing trees are planted in the ground in real soil. (Will they have a Vet. And an Agronomist onboard to make sure no animals, bug or insects who travel the world for free?)

    It’s the closest to a real city with a feeling of walking in Paris, London or New York, the arcade and the shopping area looks like a pedestrian area; with the feel and look of a real live and kicking city.

    Oasis Of The Seas  Oasis Of The Seas  Oasis Of The Seas

    The City  The Arcade  Shopping Area

    Business Travel &Places I love &Travel Agents - Info & Updates &Travel Places   2008/11/17

    WTM = Walk, Talk & Money?

    Originally: World Travel Market – It’s the annual largest travel show in London. Having been there last week I should advise them to change the name to:

    Walk – the milleage you walk there is unreal, I advised my partner to the trip to dump her high hills and move to Nike – she only took my advice on the second day…

    Talk – the amount of Bla Bla you hear is enormous – everyone wants to sell you something.

    Money – Everyone wants to make money, close a deal, bring tourists. The Travel business is a perishable market; a room at the hotel cannot be stored to be sold tomorrow, nor can a seat on a flight etc. It’s very much like the Fish Industry = if you don’t sell you smell…

    Therefore, you find yourself walking & talking all day long about how to make money in the travel business.

    More than ever, I enjoyed South America booth and Iran. South America was very happy, colorful and in motion; which attracted many visitors to their stands – look at the photos bellow.

    Being an Israeli the visit to Iran booth was special, I was invited by the Azadi International Tourism Organization to have tea with Mr. Mahmood Karimi and discuss world travel issues.

    Did he gave me his card so i will not forget his face?

    Iran visit

     Ecuador  Peru  Costa Rica  Panama

    Peru  Dog Man  The Bird Man  The one who thinks he is a Bird Man 

    Airlines &Business Travel &Family Travel &Low Cost Airlines &Online booking sites &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2008/11/10

    Blow Job on Ryanair flights instead of inflight porn

    Its not me who says it; you could all watch Ryanair CEO; Michael O’Leary saying it out loud;
    Ryanair at a press conference talking about flying UK to USA – over the Atlantic for funny prices. Thus, if you fly transatlantic for 10 Euro you would probably have to pay for the BJ whereas, in his business class its gonna be for free…

    Thats an airline i want to fly with tonight

    Online booking sites &Places I love &Travel Agents - Info & Updates &Travel Places   2008/11/02

    Who’s lucky for free passage to Garden of Eden?

    According to the latest USA Visa Weaver Program the following passport holders will be granted electronic US entry permit, thus, will avoid the long queue and interviews to receive a US entry visa.The online application must be done at least 72 hours prior to entry into the United States of America. https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov

    Its easy process

    Then, who is so lucky to avoid the hassle of getting a visa? Andorra; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Brunei; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; ; Japan; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg; Monaco; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Portugal; Sun Marino; Singapore; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom.

    I actually read a cool post by Tony Wheeler (founder of Lonely Planet) comparing embassies attitude between encouraging and discouraging tourists through their visa departments.

    Those are the moments I wish I had more than one nationality.

    Long queue for visas

    Airlines &Business Travel &Low Cost Airlines &Online booking sites &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2008/10/29

    Shit; another Low Cost Airlines has closed down; Sterling

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am fed up of this stupid situation.

    Too many travel companies collapse, when will it stop? where will it take us? It has such a hugh effect on it all, its crazy.

    We have heard and read a great deal about Iceland in the past month; the world’s financial situation has crashed the country to pieces, actually shreded it.

    It has been publically announced today, that Sterling DK has shut its operation and all flights are cancelled.

    What a shame, we have lost today an amazing low cost airline; Sterling, which served Europe greatly by connecting West and East with Scandinavia for reasonable prices.

    I hope they will find an investor to lift them back up in the sky.


    Airlines &Business Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2008/10/15

    Free Wireless Internet Connection at Airports – what a pain…

    I have recently returned via Paris CDG Airport, I was early and the flight was delayed, so I decided to use the spare time to check on my emails.(flight delays is in growth)
    I switched on the laptop, and I managed to see there are about 6 WIFI hot spots, having said that, the price per hour is outrageous. The price of 1 hour was 3 x more than what I pay for a month back home. I decided to give up; I rather snooze for that price…
    Having thought about it, the airport small restaurants / cafe / sandwich places should give free WIFI connectivity and we all go eat and drink there, after all, its expensive anyhow to drink a diet coke…
    For that reason I have gathered a list of FREE WIFI connections at International Worldwide Airports.
    V.C. Bird International Airport – departure lounge after security

    EZE Airport – before check-in, near arrivals gate and near gates 6-8 – Buenos Aires

    Zvartnots International Airport – Yerevan

    Aruba Airport terminal – Aruba

    Vienna Airport – Vienna

    Adelaide Airport – Adelaide
    Virgin Blue lounges – Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney
    Darwin Airport – Darwin

    Vienna International Airport – Vienna

    Bahrain International Airport – Departures area – Manama

    Grantley Adams International Airport

    L.F. Wade International Airport – departure lounges – St. George

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Sarajevo International Airport – Sarajevo

    Maun International Airport – edge of the Okavango Delta – designed for clients of Moremi Air Services and Kwando Safaris who use Maun airport as an operational base for their safari business

    Congonhas Airport – Sao Paulo

    British Isles
    Guernsey Airport – Guernsey
    Ronaldsway Airport – Isle of Man

    Sofia Airport – Sofia

    Banff Airporter office area – Calgary
    Halifax International airport – center court area on the main level and between gates 20-15 on the departures level of the Air Terminal Building – Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Dryden Regional Airport – Dryden, Ontario
    Fredericton Airport – Fredericton, New Brunswick
    St. John’s International Airport – St. John’s, Newfoundland
    Quebec Airport – Quebec City, Quebec
    Expedia Restaurant – Air Canada Terminal – Toronto
    Vancouver International Airport – Vancouver

    Aeropuerto de Santiago – Santiago

    Airport – front of ticket counters – Changsha, Hunan

    Costa Rica
    Juan Santamaria International Airport – San Jose

    Aalborg Airport – Norresundby

    Dubai International – look for free signals – Dubai

    Simon Bolivar International – Guayaquil
    Quito Airport, International Terminal – Quito

    Sharm El Sheik International Airport

    Kuressaare Airport, Roomassaare tee 1 – Kuressaare
    Tallinn Airport, Lennujaama tee 2 – Tallinn

    Merignac Airport – Bordeaux

    San Pedro Sula Airport

    Hong Kong
    Chek Lap Kok Airport
    Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong

    Budapest Ferihegy Int’l Airport – Terminals 2A and 2B – free network is Pannongsm – Budapest

    Keflavik Airport -

    Madurai, Tiruchi and Coimbatore airports in Tamil Nadu State
    Mumbai International Airport/Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

    Imam Khomeini International Airport – Tehran

    Shannon Airport – main cafי upstairs and also the departure lounge in front of US immigration – Shannon

    Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion International Airport – Tel Aviv

    Narita Int’l Airport, Terminal 2 – Narita – UPDATE NOT FREE ANYMORE
    Kansai Airport – Osaka – UPDATE NOT FREE ANYMORE
    ANA lounges – request free WEP key

    Internation Airport – Almaty

    Pristina Airport – Pristina

    Kuwait International Airport – Check in areas, restaurants and shops in Arrival & Departure levels

    Luxembourg International Airport

    Island of Madeira
    Funchal Airport

    Riga International Airport

    Kuala Lumpur Int. Airport

    Cancun International Airport – Cancun
    Benito Juarez International Airport – Mexico City
    Puerto Vallarta Airport – Puerto Vallarta

    New Zealand
    Auckland International Airport – report of free computers in Arrival area, not sure about Wi-Fi access – Auckland
    Wellington International Airport – Main Terminal – Wellington

    Jinnah International Airport – Karachi

    Manila Int. Airport – smoking area – Luzon

    Warsaw Airport – International transit area

    Faial Island Airport – bar area – Horta -Azores
    Madeira Island Airport – Madeira Island

    Puerto Rico
    San Juan Int. Airport – try to connect to the ATT network – San Juan

    Doha International Airport

    International Airport Traian Vuia – Timisoara

    Sheremetyevo-2 (SVO) Airport – departure terminal, waiting hall, cafes and vip-halls – Moscow

    Changi Airport – near free computers

    Ljubljana International Airport – at departure gates

    South Korea
    Incheon International Airport

    Sri Lanka
    Sri Lankan Airways Business Class lounge area – Columbo International Airport

    Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport – Terminal 2

    Suvarnabhumi Airport – Bangkok

    Piarco International Airport

    Ataturk Airport – Millenium Lounge access for several airline Club members – Istanbul
    Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

    Tunis Carthage Airport

    British Airways’ lounges at Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Jersey have Free Wi-Fi.

    Kyiv Boryspil International Airport – Boryspil

    United Arab Emirates
    Abu Dhabi International Airport

    Carrasco Intl. Airport – Departure Area – Montevideo

    Tan Son Nhat International Airport – Ho Chi Minh City

    American Airlines Admirals Club must enter a valid club card number to get access

    United Airlines 27 Red Carpet Clubs and 5 International First Class lounges is free for members

    Continental Airlines offers Free wireless high speed internet access to members in 22 Presidents Club locations in major airports around the USA

    Northwest WorldClubs Alaska Airlines Clubs Alabama

    Birmingham International Airport – Birmingham
    Huntsville Airport – Huntsville
    Madison County Executive Airport – Huntsville
    Montgomery Regional Airport (Dannelly Field) – Montgomery
    Northwest Alabama Regional Airport – Muscle Shoals

    Anchorage Airport – Anchorage
    Ketchikan International Airport – Ketchikan
    Valdez Municipal Arpt – Valdez

    Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – Phoenix
    Tucson International Airport – Tucson
    Valle Airport – Valle
    Yuma International – Yuma

    Fort Smith Regional Airport – Fort Smith
    Little Rock National Airport – Little Rock
    Texarkana Airport – Texarkana

    Meadows Field, WM Thomas Terminal – Bakersfield
    Chico Municipal Airport – Chico
    Arcata/Eureka Airport – Eureka
    Hayward Airport – Hayward
    Livermore Airport – Livermore
    Long Beach Airport – Long Beach
    Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge – LAX
    Modesto City-County Airport – Modesto
    Redding Municipal Airport – Redding
    BSAir at the Reedley Muni Airport – Reedley
    Sacramento International Airport – Sacramento
    Lindberg Field – San Diego
    San Diego International Airport – San Diego
    Mineta San Jose International Airport – San Jose
    Santa Maria Airport – Santa Maria
    Santa Ynez Airport – Santa Ynez

    Centennial Airport – Centennial
    Colorado Springs Airport – Colorado Springs
    Denver International Airport – Denver
    Eagle (Vail) Airport

    Bradley International Airport – Windsor Locks

    Daytona Beach Airport – signal availability reported in Ticketing Area – Daytona Beach
    Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport – all terminals – Ft. Lauderdale
    Southwest Florida International Airport – Ft.Myers
    Okaloosa Regional Airport – Fort Walton Beach
    Gainesville Regional Airport – Gainesville
    Jacksonville Airport – Jacksonville
    Key West International – Key West
    LaBelle Municipal Airport – LaBelle
    Melbourne International Airport – Melbourne
    Orlando International Airport – all public areas and the “Cell Phone” parking lot – Orlando
    Palm Beach International – Palm Beach
    Pensacola Int. Airport – Pensacola
    Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport – Sarasota
    Tallahassee Airport – Tallahassee
    Tampa International – main building and both satellite terminals – Tampa
    Palm Beach International Airport – West Palm Beach

    Augusta Regional Airport – Augusta
    Brunswick Golden Isle Airport – Brunswick
    Fulton County Airport (FTY) – Raytheon Aircraft Services Terminal

    Honolulu Airport-Gate 13 – Honolulu

    Idaho Falls Airport – Idaho Falls
    Nez Perce County Regional Airport – Lewiston

    Central Illinois Regional Airport – Bloomington/Normal
    University of Illinois Willard Airport – Champaign/Urbana
    Quad City International Airport – Moline
    Peoria Regional Airport – Peoria
    Rockford Airport – Rockford
    Capital Airport – Springfield

    Evansville Regional Airport – Evansville
    Fort Wayne International Airport – Fort Wayne (free Cat5/RJ45 access too)
    Smith Field Airport – Fort Wayne
    Montgomery Aviation – Indianapolis Executive Airport – Zionsville

    CY Aviation, Boone Airport – Boone
    Eastern Iowa Regional Airport – Cedar Rapids
    Dubuque Regional Airport – Dubuque
    Sioux City Airport – business center and JetSun Aviation facility – Sioux City
    Waterloo Airport – Waterloo

    Hays Regional Airport – Hays
    Wichita Mid-Continent Airport – Wichita

    CVG Airport – Hebron
    Bluegrass Airport – Lexington

    Lafayette Regional Airport – Lafayette
    Lake Charles Airport – Lake Charles
    Louis Armstong International – New Orleans

    Hagerstown Municipal Airport – Hagerstown

    Gerald R. Ford International Airport- Grand Rapids
    Ford Airport – Kingsford/Iron Mountain
    Capital City Airport – Lansing
    Sawyer International Airport – Marquette
    Muskegon County Airport – Muskegon
    Pellston Regional Airport – Pellston
    Saginaw MBS International

    Beltrami County Airport – Bemidji
    Duluth Int. Airport – Duluth
    Rochester International Airport – Rochester

    Golden Triangle Regional Airport – Columbus
    Gulfport/Biloxi International Airport
    Hattiesburg-Bobby L. Chain Municipal Airport – no commercial flights – Hattiesburg
    Jackson Airport – Jackson
    Tupelo Regional Airport – Tupelo

    Taney County Airport – Branson
    Columbia Regional Airport – Columbia
    Joplin Regional Airport – ask ticket agent for access location – Joplin
    Kansas City International Airport – Kansas City
    Springfield-Branson Airport – Springfield

    Bozeman Gallatin Airport – Bozeman
    Great Falls International Airport – Great Falls
    Helena Regional Airport – Helena
    Missoula International Airport – Missoula

    Henderson Executive Airport – Henderson
    McCarran Airport – Las Vegas
    North Las Vegas Airport
    Reno-Tahoe International Airport – Reno

    New Hampshire
    Manchester, Boston Regional Airport – Manchester

    New Jersey
    Atlantic City Airport – Atlantic City

    New Mexico
    Albuquerque International Sunport/Airport – Albuquerque
    Los Alamos County Airport – Los Alamos
    Taos Municipal Airport – Taos

    New York
    Binghamton Airport – Binghamton
    Elmira-Corning Regional Airport – Elmira
    JetBlue Airways – Terminal 6 – JFK Airport – Jamaica, Queens
    Tompkins County Regional Airport – Ithaca
    Rochester Airport – Rochester
    Syracuse International – Syracuse

    North Carolina
    Charlotte Douglas International Airport – ask at Info Desk for access area info – Charlotte
    Asheville Regional Airport – Fletcher
    Albert J. Ellis Airport – Jacksonville
    Kinston Airport – Kinston
    New Bern Airport – New Bern
    Wilmington International Airport – Wilmington

    North Dakota
    Bismarck Municipal Airport – general aviation lounge – Bismarck
    Hector International Airport – Fargo
    Grand Forks Airport – Grand Forks

    Akron Airport – Akron
    Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport – Concourse C, ticketing and baggage claim areas of Terminal 3, ticketing, baggage claim and holding areas of Terminal 2
    Ohio State University Airport – Columbus
    Port Columbus International Airport – Columbus
    Dayton International Airport – Dayton
    Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport – Vienna

    Eugene Airport – Eugene
    Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport – Medford
    Southwest Oregon Regional Airport – North Bend
    Portland International Airport – Main Level – Portland
    Redmond Airport – Redmond

    Lehigh Valley International Airport – Allentown
    Erie Airport – Erie
    Harrisburg International Airport – Harrisburg
    Arnold Palmer Regional Airport – Latrobe
    Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport – Mt Pocono
    Philadelphia International Airport – look for ATT WiFi – Philadelphia
    Pittsburgh Airport – Pittsburgh
    Brandywine Airport – West Chester
    Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport – Wilkes-Barre/Scranton

    North Carolina
    Charlotte-Douglas International Airport – Charlotte

    South Carolina
    Charleston Airport – Charleston
    Columbia Metropolitan Airport – Columbia
    Horry County Airport – Conway
    Florence Regional Airport – Florence
    Greenville/Spartanburg Airport
    Myrtle Beach Airport – Myrtle Beach

    South Dakota
    Rapid City Airport – Rapid City

    Tri-Cities Regional Airport – Blountville
    Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport – Chattanooga
    KnoxAir at TYS – McGee-Tyson Airport and DKX – Island Home Airport – Knoxville

    Rick Husband Inernational Airport – Amarillo
    Harrison Aviation – Arlington Municipal Airport – Arlington
    Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport – Brownsville
    Easterwood Airport – College Station
    Corpus Christi International Airport – Corpus Christi
    Admiral’s Clubs – DFW – Dallas/Ft.Worth
    Valley International Airport – Harlingen
    East Texas Regional Airport – Longview
    Lubbock International Airport – Lubbock
    McAllen-Miller International Airport – McAllen
    San Angelo Municipal Airport – San Angelo
    San Antonio International Airport – San Antonio
    Tyler Pounds Regional Airport – Tyler

    Burlington International Airport – South Burlington

    Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport – terminal area
    Leesburg Executive Airport – Leesburg
    Lynchburg Regional Airport – Lynchburg
    Newport News/Williamsburg Airport – Newport News
    Richmond Airport – Richmond
    Roanoke Airport – Roanoke

    Bellingham International Airport – Bellingham
    Grant County Airport – Moses Lake
    Tri-Cities Airport – Pasco
    Pullman Moscow Airport- Pullman
    Walla`Walla Regional Airport – Walla Walla
    Pangborn Field Airport – Wenatchee

    West Virginia
    Yeager Airport – Charleston
    Tri-State Airport – Huntington

    Gen. Mitchell Int. Airport – Milwaukee
    KOEO FBO’s – Top Dog Aviation (Northeast Hangar Base), Ward Aviation (Northeast Hangar Base), Terminal Building (South West Side) – Osceola

    Natrona County International Airport – Casper
    Cheyenne Regional Airport – Cheyenne

    If you have more info please send me and I will update the table for all of us.

    Airlines &Business Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2008/09/03

    Alitalia; Going Up or Going Down?

    Alitalia – Is it a Re-organize or a Closure?
    The future of the airline is unknown as they filed for bankruptcy protection with the Italian Court on August 28th 2008.


    There are rumors that the airline will be shut down as a government owned company and a new company will be formed probably with a new name and definitely new owners :)

    We have seen it in the past few years in Swissair becoming Swiss overnight, Sabena becoming Brussels Airways.

    In the past few days all my clients have asked to be shifted from Alitalia to other carriers.

    Can we sell Alitalia tickets – IMHO; Yes.

     Alitalia Airlines

    Airlines &Business Travel &Family Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates &Travel Places   2008/08/05

    Airlines safe routes

    As Israelis we always ask ourselves; is this route a safe route to fly? what happens in case of emergency landing?

    Well, I dont have the answers to what may happen in case you land on the lap of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… though as a professional travel agent I could reccomend you which airlines are safer in respect to their routes flying via Europe to Asia.

    Please note, that my advise has nothing to do with the safety of the aircraft, nor last minute and Force Majeure cases where airlines must change their routes.

    * KLM & Air France are the ones mostly known for last minute changes of routes and they are NOT obliged to advise in advance.

    Have a safe and easy flight:

    Airline Code Japan HongKong China Philippines India Thailand Korea Singapore
    Alitalia AZ SAFE   SAFE   NOT SAFE NOT SAFE    

    NOT SAFE = Above Arab Countries

    Airlines &Business Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2008/05/28

    The official end of the Paper Ticket – I am not sure…

    Everyone in the industry is talking about the end of the paper ticket era, is that true, will June 1st be the cut over day? Are all the airlines ready… I am not sure?!

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) began an important countdown – 7 days to 100% e-ticketing. “In7 days the paper ticket gets put in a museum. On June 1, 2008 we will achieve 100% electronic ticketing,” said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s Director General and CEO.
    IATA began the drive to 100% e-ticketing as part of its Simplifying the Business programme in June 2004 with the dual goals of making travel and shipping more convenient and more cost efficient. “E-ticketing is the flagship project of Simplifying the Business. While a paper ticket costs US$10 to process, e-ticketing reduces that cost to US$1. The industry will save over US$3 billion each year by offering the passenger a better service. There is no better win-win proposition,” said Bisignani.When the programme began in June 2004, only 18% of tickets issued globally were e-tickets. Today e-ticketing penetration is over 93%. “It is an incredible industry success story. When we began over 28 million paper tickets were issued each month. We have reduced that number to less than 3 million,” said Bisignani.

    Challenges remain. E-ticketing penetration in Africa is only 83% and has reached 84% in Middle East North Africa (MENA). The real concern is Russia and CIS, which is at 54% due to a late start while the government changed legislation to allow for e-tickets.

    Consumers can anticipate more convenient travel in an electronic world. 100% ET eliminates lost tickets, makes itinerary changes easy and enables a wide array of self-service options. Having said that, on a daily basis we as travel agents face issues with complicated tickets and combination of airlines where airlines are losing booking references and airlines are not honoring other carrier’s tickets.

    I look forward to the new era, its not going to be an easy period for travel agents, though it will take travel another step further which I am sure travelers will benefit.

    The “evolution” of the paper tickets; trust me; 1 week to go and nothing much has changed…

    Hand writen ticketPrinted Paper ticketBarcoded Paper Ticket

    All being used today – and we are 1 week to shut down.

    Airlines &Travel Agents - Info & Updates &Travel Places   2008/05/04

    Are we Passengers or Airports Prisoners?

    Traveling in and out from the USA is becoming unbearable, as travelers go through excessive security checks. The US TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has tightened the security measures to an extreme level, to such extent that travelers in many cases feel they are prisoners rather than tourists.

    Basically it has become a nightmare to fly in or out of the USA. Travelers are subject to long queues of:

    Cavity search, biometric data, full body pad-down, body screening, remove shows & belts, dog sniffing, computer hard drive swap and copy, and now the new regulation known as: “SSSS”, which is marked on your check in ticket randomly. However, random or not, all Middle East passport holders are automatically SSSS marked, though, TSA squad will put in plain words: “Random Check…” – it sounds more as racism and discrimination rather than random.

    The new GE CTX 9000 DSi – Explosive Detection System will “Puff” air at you detecting explosive signs. Moreover, the new machine actually screens you totally.

    I have not once heard a client say, it’s on the verge of invasion of privacy; they see my whole body naked.

    GE CTX 9000 DSI

    I have come across the Ryanair website comment on security check ups; no words are needed; is this the future of airport security…

    The Future of Airport Security in the eyes of Ryanair

    Business Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates &Travel Places   2008/04/25

    Fraud attacks on Travel Agents.

    Lately, travel agents have been receiving more and more fraud emails requesting business class and first class tickets on specific routes; starting in; Nigeria – Lagos.

    The process is as follows; the so called Nigerian Travel Agent requests assistance to book his VIP clients flights and hotels. Once the travel agency (outside Nigeria) books it all, he is given a stolen credit card which is not yet reported to the authorities.

    Thus, the agent who is being conned is not yet aware of the fact that has just lost a few thousands of Dollars.

    The Nigerians who have given a fake UK address including a non existing UK mobile number, a free web based email are long gone.

    The Nigerians, in order to conceal their tracks, and perfect their crime, they manage to change names on the air tickets through contacts they have at the local airline branch. They then resell the ticket to anyone who is willing to pay them in cash.

    Not until that long ago, travel agents had a way to protect themselves from such actions; they used the given credit card as a means to pay the airline directly. Rather than what is accustomed; client pay agent, agent pays airline. Now days, due to fraud levels, the airlines hold the agents accountable for any fraud done by the travelers.

    Beware – work with who you know and trust.

    Airlines &Business Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2008/04/24

    Airline Lounges Worldwide – followup on the previous post.

    I have received many responses on my previous blog post, therefore, I have decided to put some time and collecting info on the airlines lounges and their websites.

    I am sure the list is incomplete, therefore, if you care and have more info and details please send me an email and I will be happy to update the data.

    Airline Name Lounge Name Locations
    Aer Lingus Gold Circle & Premier Lounge Dublin, Cork, Shannon, London-Heathrow, Boston
    Aegean Airlines Eleftherios Venizelos  
    AeroMexico Salon Premier Cancún, Ciudad Juárez, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, León, Mérida, Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana
    Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Montréal, Ottawa, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Quebec City, Regina, St. Johns, Toronto-Pearson, Vancouver, Winnipeg
    Air Canada Arrivals Lounge London-Heathrow
    Air France Air France Lounges Paris Charles De Gaulle, Paris Orly, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Berlin- Tegel, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lisbon, London – heathrow, Manchester, Milan – Malpensa, Munich, Rome, Stuttgart, Zurich, Douala, Dubai, Johannesburg, Lagos, Chicago – O’hare, Houston, Montreal – Trudeau, New York JFK, Rio De Janeiro, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Washington DC Dulles International Airport, Bangkok, Hong-Kong, Noumea, Tokyo-Narita, Cayenne, Fort de France, Pointe a Pitre, Reunion
    Air France Sky Team Lounge Europe Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Catania, Frankfurt, London – Gatwick, London – Heathrow, Milan – Linate, Milan – Malpensa, Munich, Naples, Palermo, Prague, Rome, Turin, Venice,
    Air France Sky Team Lounges Africa Dubai , Johannesburg,
    Air France Sky Team Club Americas Acapulco, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Cancun, Chicago – O’hare, Chihuahua, Cincinnati, Ciudad Juarez, Cleveland, Dallas Ft Worth, Denver, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Guadalajara, Honolulu, Houston, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Memphis, Merida, Mexico, Milwaukee, Mineapolis St Paul, Monterrey, Nashville, New Orleans, New York – JFK, LaGuardia, NewArk, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh Durham, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan Puerto Rico, Santiago Du Chili, Seattle Tacoma, Tampa, Toronto, Washington Dulles, Washington National, West Palm Beach
    Air France SkyTeam Lounges Asia Pacific Bangkok, Cheju, Fukuoka, GwangJu, Hong-Kong, manila, Nagoya, Osaka – Kansai, Pusan, Seoul – Gimpo, Seoul – Incheon, Taego, Tokyo – Narita.
    Air France Arrivals Lounge Paris – Charles – De Gaulle
    Air India Maharaja Lounge Chennai, London-Heathrow, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York
    Air New Zealand Koru Club Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Honolulu, Invercargill, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Nadi, Napier, Nelson, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Queenstown, Rarotonga, Sydney, Wellington
    Alaska Airlines Board Room Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma, Vancouver
    American Airlines Admirals Club Atlanta, Austin, Bogotá, Boston, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Chicago-O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Frankfurt, Honolulu, Kansas City, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Nashville, Newark, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia, Orange County, Panama City, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Juan, Santiago, Santo Domingo, São Paulo-Guarulhos, St. Louis, Tokyo-Narita, Toronto-Pearson, Washington-Dulles, Washington-Reagan
    American Airlines Flagship Lounge Chicago, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, New York-JFK
    American Airlines Arrivals Lounge London-Heathrow
    Asian OZ Club Lounge Seoul-Incheon, Seoul-Gimpo
    Avianca VIP Lounge Bogotá, Cali, Caracas, Barranquilla, Buenos Aires, Guayaquil, New York-JFK, Madrid, Medellin, Quito
    British Airways Executive Club Lounge Abuja, Bermuda, Dallas/Fort Worth, Dhaka, Houston-Intercontinental, Kingston, Lagos, Lusaka, Milan-Linate, Nairobi, Philadelphia, Phoneix, Rome-Fiumicino, São Paulo-Guarulhos, Stuttgart, Toronto-Pearson, Vancouver, Vienna, Warsaw
    British Airways Chesapeake Club Lounge Baltimore
    British Airways Galleries First London Heathrow Terminal 5
    British Airways Galleries Club London Heathrow Terminal 5
    British Airways Galleries Arrivals London Heathrow Terminal 5

    British Airways

    Terraces Lounge Abderdeen, Amsterdam, Athens, Atlanta, Berlin-Tegel, Boston, Brussels, Budapest, Cape Town, Chicago-O’Hare, Cologne/Bonn, Copenhagen, Denver, Dubai, Durban, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Hamburg, Harare, Istanbul-Atatürk, Jersey, Johannesburg, London-Gatwick, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Manchester, Miami, Milan-Malpensa, Mumbai, New Castle, New York-JFK, Newark, San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma, Tokyo-Narita, Washington-Dulles
    British Airways Arrivals Lounge London-Heathrow, London-Gatwick
    Brussels Airways SN Lounge Luanda, Vienna, Douala – Le Wouri, Zagreb, Prague, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lyon, Toulouse, Banjul, Berlin Tempelhof, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Conakry – Salon Nimba, Budapest, Chennai, Delhi, Tel Aviv, Bologna, Florence, Milan – Malpensa, Rome, Turin, Venice, Abidjan, Nairobi, Monrovia, Casablanca, Oslo, Warsaw, Lisbon, Porto, Kigali, Dakar, Freetown, Ljubljana, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville, Gothenburg, Basle, Geneva, Zurich, Entebbe, Birmingham, Bristol, London – Gatwick, London – heathrow, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Saint Louis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle.
    Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific Business & First Class Lounges Bahrain, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Penang, Seoul-Incheon, Singapore, Taipei-Taiwan Taoyuan, Tokyo-Narita, Vancouver
    Cathay Pacific The Pier Hong Kong
    Cathay Pacific The Wing  
    China Airlines Dynasty Lounge Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Kaoshiung, Kuala Lumpur, Okinawa, San Francisco, Singapore, Taipei-Taiwan Taoyuan, Tokyo-Narita
    Continental Airlines Presidents Club Atlanta, Austin, Chicago-O’Hare, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Guam, Honolulu, Houston-Intercontinental, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York-LaGuardia, Newark, Panama City, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Juan, Seattle/Tacoma, Washington-Reagan
    Copa Airlines Presidents Club Panama City
    Delta Airlines Crown Room Atlanta, Boston, Chicago-O’Hare, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Frankfurt, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Jacksonville, Kansas City, London-Gatwick, Los Angeles, Miami, Munich, Nashville, New Orleans, Newark, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh/Durham, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan, Santiago, São Paulo-Guarulhos, Seattle/Tacoma, Tampa, Washington-Reagan, West Palm Beach
    Delta Airlines Arrivals Lounge London – Gatwick
    ELAL Israel Airlines King David Lounge London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, New York-JFK, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Tel Aviv
    Israel – Tel Aviv Ben- Gurion other Airlines Dan Lounge Tel Aviv for all other Airlines.


    Ben Gurion Tel Aviv , Israel
    Emirates Emirates Lounge


    Emirates Good Morning London

    Auckland, Bangkok-Suvarnbahumi, Brisbane, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London-Gatwick, London-Heathrow, Melbourne, Munich, New York-JFK, Perth, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Singapore, Sydney
    Eva Air Evergreen Lounge Bangkok, San Francisco, Taipei,
    Finnair Finnair Lounge Helsinki, Stockholm – Arlanda
    Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club Hilo, Honolulu, Kahului, Kona, Lihue, Los Angeles, Pago
    Korean Air KAL Lounge Chicago, Honolulu, London Heathrow, Los Angeles, New York, Osaka Kansai, Seoul Incheon, Tokyo Narita
    Jet Airways Jet Lounge Agartala, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Delhi, Mumbai, Brussels, London, Singapore, New York JFK, New York NewArk.
    Lufthansa Senator Lounge Athens, Atlanta, Berlin-Tegel, Boston, Bremen, Cologne-Bonn, Detroit, Dresden, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Houston, Leipzig, London-Heathrow, Milan-Malpensa, Mumbai, Munich, New York-JFK, Newark, Nürnberg, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Stuttgart, Zurich
    Lufthansa Business Lounge Athens, Bangkok, Berlin-Tegel, Boston, Bremen, Cologne-Bonn, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Houston, Leipzig, London-Heathrow, Milan-Malpensa, Munich, New York-JFK, Nürnberg, Stuttgart
      First Class Lounge Frankfurt (First Class Terminal and First Class Lounge), Munich
    Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Narita, New York, Penang, Singapore, Sydney
    Mexicana Airlines Salon Ejecutivo Buenos Aires, Cancún, Chicago-O’Hare, Guadalajara, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Monterrey, Portland, San Antonio, Tijuana, Toronto, Vancouver
    Middle East Airlines The Cedar Lounge Beirut
    Midwest Airlines Best Care Club Milwaukee
    Northwest Airlines Worldclubs Boston, Chicago-O’Hare, Detroit (4), Honolulu, Los Angeles, Manila, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul (2), Newark, New York-LaGuardia, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma, Seoul-Incheon, Tokyo-Narita, Washington-Dulles, Washington-Reagan
    Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge Cebu (Mactan), Davao, General Santos, Iloilo, Los Angeles, Manila, San Francisco, Bacolod,
    Qantas Airlines Qantas Club Adelaide, Alice Springs, Auckland, Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Broome, Cairns, Canberra, Christchurch, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Launceston, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Mackay, Melbourne (Tullamarine), Perth, Rockhampton, Singapore, Sydney, Townsville, Wellington
    Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Business Lounge Brussels, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki, London-Heathrow, Newark, Oslo, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Seattle, Stockholm
    Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Scandinavian Lounge (First Class &Star Alliance Gold) Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm
    Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge Adelaide, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, Osaka Kansai, Penang, Perth, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo-Narita
    South African Airways Baobab Lounge Cape Town, Johannesburg, London
    South African Airways Cycad Premium Lounge Cape Town, Johannesburg, London
    TAP Portugal Top Executive Funchal, Lisbon, Oporto
    Thai International Airways Royal Orchid Lounge Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi), Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Dhaka, Hat Yai, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Khon Kaen, Khula Lumpur, Manila, Osaka Kansai, Phittsanulok, Phuket, Singapore, Surat Thani, Taipei, Ubon Ratchathani, Yangon
    United Airlines Red Carpet Club Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, Bangkok, Boston, Buenos Aires, Chicago-O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Honolulu, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mexico City, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Newark, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia, Orange County, Orlando, Osaka, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland OR, San Diego, San Francisco, São Paulo, Seattle/Tacoma, Sydney, Tokyo-Narita, Washington-Dulles, Washington-Reagan
    US Airways US Airways Club Baltimore/Washington, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Greensboro, Hartford/Springfield, Las Vegas, London-Gatwick, Los Angeles, New York-LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh/Durham, Tampa, Washington-Reagan
    Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London-Gatwick, London-Heathrow, Newark, New York-JFK, San Francisco, Tokyo, Washington-Dulles
    Virgin Blue The Lounge Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

    Sites that I found useful:

    1) http://www.flyerguide.net/

    2) http://www.loungeguide.net/wiki/u/Main_Page

    3) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airport_lounge#Access_to_lounges

    Airlines &Business Travel &Online booking sites &Travel Agents - Info & Updates   2008/04/10

    ELAL Airlines Up Grade to Business/First class new procedures

    ELAL Israel Airlines have decided to change its “goodies” policy – the use of frequent flyer points for upgrade to premium classes Business & First.

    Just last week, ELAL has switched a GDS – Global Distribution System, or what is also known as a CRS – Computer Reservation System – system used to store, retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel.

    The previous system, Carmel was owned by ELAL and the features were tailor made specifically for its needs. Now that they have shifted to Amadeus they have taken the opportunity to deteriorate the benefits of their club members use of points. A non-official quote by a highly ranked employee commented; “It was easy to hide behind the mask of; it’s a new booking system with no technical abilities to perform upgrades like we used to, moreover, we are only aligning our policies to other leading airlines such as: Continental Airlines, Lufthansa, United Airlines & Air Canada.”

    ELAL Frequent traveler will be affected, travel agents will have to work harder, but at the end of the day; “users will get used to it, and we will make more money on each ticket sold…”

    Example; an upgradable round trip ticket from Tel Aviv to New York costs:

    Ticket (S class) $2544 + Add 700 points each direction (1point = $1) = 3944

    Whereas, on the same class of booking (D class) the cheapest business class round trip costs: $4900. (For those who don’t know; S class is coach, D is business class)

    That’s a $1000 profit per ticket – so why not?