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    Airlines &Business Travel &Travel Agents - Info & Updates &Travel Places   2009/05/02/ 14:11

    There is still a way to fly Business class for low fare

    I recently flew Royal Jordanian, yes yes, I flew coach for all of you who really wanted to know…

    But at the airport I found a simple and relatively cheap way to up grade myself to business class; $300 upgrade for an 8 hours flight is a low price.

    So i found myself sitting in an amazing Royal Jordanian business / first class sleeping bed all the way from Amman to Colombo (Sri Lanka) – and it was worth every penny.

    Moreover, since in Muslim countries the ladies (married and single as far as I know) can not serve men, the air stewardess where Asians, which gave me a feeling as though I am flying in Singapore Airlines or Thai.

    If anyone wants to upgrade to business, come buy the tickets from my office and i will tell you the secret :)

    Flying cheap and in class is always fun… travel right means having a good travel agent who knows the small tricks.

    Reem in RJ Business First

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